Brown Bag Lunch: Divorce and Estate Planning - Approved for 1 CFP CE Credit.

Date: Wednesday, April 5, 2017
Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Location: Mass School of Law, Andover, MA
Speaker: JoAnne Meyers

Location: Mass School of Law, Andover, MA

Topic: Divorce and Estate Planning - Approved for 1 CFP CE Credit.

Speaker: JoAnne Meyers - Attorney with Novick & Meyers

Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage:  The Labyrinth of Family law, Estate Planning & Financial Planning from a Family/Divorce law Perspective:

This session will focus on considerations in planning for marriage, planning during marriage and planning before a second marriage from a family/divorce law perspective.

The average person getting married for the first time does not think about divorce or worry about protecting themselves before they get married.  Prenuptial agreements are an important planning tool that many ignore.  Our speaker will enlighten us as to the opportunities and the pitfalls regarding prenuptial agreements.  Once a couple is married, their parents may want to do financial planning or estate planning or make gifts or transfers to their married child.  Our speaker will discuss how such planning decisions can impact a married child going through a divorce.  Some people marry, divorce and then decide to marry a second time.  Our speaker will discuss financial considerations regarding a second marriage from a family law perspective.

It is imperative that professional advisors collaborate  as family/divorce law, estate planning and financial planning are all intricately interrelated.   Every family seeking advice from professional advisors is unique and will have a different focus depending on the individual personalities and circumstances involved.


Attorney Meyers uses her unique background as a Finance Major and a Certified Financial Litigator (CFL)  to thoroughly investigate and evaluate financial issues in a divorce.  Many clients have no idea of the true value or extent of their family assets or debts.  Many clients are faced with a lack of financial documentation to prove the true earnings of a spouse.  An attorney who understands finance is a tremendous benefit for a divorcing client as divorce is a serious financial transaction at a time when a person is emotionally vulnerable.

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