About Us

Over the years, the scope of estate planning has dramatically broadened.  Estate planners can no longer be obsessively focused on the single issue of avoiding confiscatory death taxes.   Estate planners must take a holistic approach to growing, managing, preserving and transferring family wealth through the generations.

Now more than ever before, effective estate planning requires communication and coordination among highly educated members of various allied professions.

The Merrimack Valley Estate Planning Council is more vibrant and relevant than ever because it has continued to evolve and provide a forum which allows its members to remain current in their area of expertise and to maintain necessary knowledge of developments in related disciplines.

The Council has five formal dinner meetings per year complete with a networking hour and an excellent educational presentation.  However, much of the value of your membership will come from building relationships with allied professionals and associates at our monthly 'brown bags'. 

The brown bag lunch series are informal sessions allowing lively open discussions with fellow planners.  Each lunch has a specific topic; often, one related to a new law or industry development.  Typically, a member with particular expertise in the area will provide an outline and moderate the discussion.  The open discussion format results in each member having at least a broad understanding of the subject.  Perhaps more important, it allows even the specialist to appreciate the subject from perspectives outside of his specialty.
We encourage membership inquiries and applications. 

For inquiries, please call JoAnne Meyers, Phone: (978) 256-4500, Email: novickandmeyers@mindspring.com
If you wish to submit an application, please click the link on the left.